Tuesday, July 20, 2010

These boots are made for walkin...

I tend to take photos of my friends'...feet. Uh, it sounds gross....but not really I promise. I think I do this because walking is so much of my daily life. I live in the city with my husband Kyle and dog Oscar so we prefer to walk from place to place - especially to give the doggus exercise. Basically, I love to walk/dislike to drive. Maybe this gives an explanation as to why I take these photos....or maybe it is the reason why the pictures are so interesting to me. The result being that I try to capture where we are and include the mood of the setting as much as possible. Take a looky.

bff Lauren and I in New Orleans

Kyle on our honeymoon, Riviera Maya, Mexico

Kyle and I in Kennett Square, PA

Kyle and Kevin in NYC

this pic was taken by Kyle. He's in a bar named Bar. seriously

Thanks, enjoy the day. Happy Birthday Danah!!!!

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