Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pattern Insomnia

I can't fall asleep (summer time=awful sleeping habits) so I thought I'd share a few examples of how I incorporate pattern in my artwork. First of all, I'm a huge fan of pattern on wallpaper, fabric, table cloths, clothes, accessories, you name it. I read this book on Florence Broadhurst a while back and it helped me revisit my love of pattern and repetition. The book also helped me discover that pattern can still be created by hand instead of using digital, technological, or stamping means. Although making pattern by hand is rare, time consuming, and sometimes insane, the process can be therapeutic and rewarding if given a little patience.

Now I don't sit for hours upon hours painting meticulous patterns on my walls or paintings. I incorporate it within an art piece somewhat loosely, usually repeating objects, shapes, colors, and etc. as the painting develops.

The following images are details of previous work. I zoomed in on particular areas where I feel that the patterns (repetition of color, shape, line, and/or texture) are strong.

This last piece (image below) was created during my senior year of undergrad at Miami of Ohio...uh, 6 years ago (I feel old). It was the first painting I did using pattern as the main focus. The pattern is much more obvious compared to the images above, and reads more like wallpaper, but I still really enjoy this painting.

Well it's 5:30am. Should I fall asleep or just stay awake? Thank goodness I don't have school tomorrow.

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