Thursday, July 29, 2010

In Chicago!

Today I'm inside the nearest wifi establishment waiting for my friends to meet me in sunny Chicago! The weather is awesome and I'm so looking forward to seeing all of my lady friends.

I rode the train (the L) into the city from the airport and was instantly envious of cities that use subway systems as a means to get from point A to B. I heart the subway. It's so easy and cheap. Who wants to drive? I don't! Public transportation here I come.

Well this fit of jealous-ness was also consumed by thoughts of subway art and design. Quite frankly a metro system is least confusing when designed well. Ever think about where they put those important informational signs or even where you can add money to your metro card? The location and look of the subway was designed with the traveler in mind. Great design = user-friendly experiences.

I'd have to say that my favorite part of subway systems are the maps. I love the color and line used to distinguish various stops and really enjoy reading them (in a nerdy-tourist type way.) I started to browse the net and pinned a few sites that share my love of subway maps....

What if the world had a metro system? What if you could travel to Europe and beyond using the subway? Um, how cool would that be? Take a look at the design below and click the link to read more about a world metro.

Ever try to connect the dots and create people, places, or things on a subway map? Check out this site to browse all the animals you could make using subway maps. The image below is a puppy. Aw.

What about taking the subway theme and extending it to the sky? Below is a map (in subway style) of the planets and their moons.

I found most of these sources on a site that works as a HUGE database of all that is and ever can be subway. If you're interested you can go to it by clicking here. I recommend bookmarking the site and allowing yourself multiple visits. Enjoy!

Kyle, I bet your haircut looks nice.
Oscar, don't eat your new toy.

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