Friday, July 16, 2010

New painting idea

My best friend and I went to New Orleans about a month ago to explore a city that we both had never gone. It was AMAZING. We both loved the architecture of the French Quarter, the spookiness of the cemeteries, and the always present music. I snapped this photo on one of our many evening walks. This particular store sold hats but after a little cropping the ladies look as if they have some over purpose. I love the vanity, confidence, and lack of confidence that seems to be alive in the image.

I'm currently turning this image into a painting using a panel that Kyle made for me (thank you Kyle). I'm new to panel painting and just love it so far. I do notice that the paint takes longer to dry but that just forces me to take breaks between layers. The painting is in the early stages but once it's finished I'll be sure to post.

Enjoy the day!

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