Saturday, July 24, 2010


Do you have a number that follows you -good or bad -wherever you go? My stalking number is 24. I was born at exactly 8:24 am. Many times (so many times that it's getting weird) I wake up naturally at 8:24 am. My brother was born on the 24th, my number in sports was always 24, I met Keiffer Sutherland from the hit drama series "24," I could go on and on and on. of the MAIN reasons why 24 is amazing is that my bff Lauren was born July 24th. Thank goodness she's in my life. Happy Birthday Lauren!

p.s. Lauren is an amazing graphic designer AND culinary decorative genius. She has an amazing business called Sweetcakes Ltd. that her and her friend Marie built together.

Sorry people, they only can spread their love to Ohioans for the time being, but I foresee a global enterprise.

Everyone wish Lauren a happy birthday! and I'm curious to hear, what is YOUR stalking number?

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