Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Shut the front door!

Calling all stationary and Christmas card lovers! The folks over at Shutterfly are advertising an awesome promotion for the bloggers of the world. If you are an active blogger, just go to this link – follow the directions - and then you could receive 50, yes FIFTY, free holiday cards.

My favorite holiday cards are ones with a personal touch, how about you? Being away from family has converted me to the oh-so-awesome PHOTO cards. You can get really creative with what image to include and the photo makes it so you’re “present” at Christmases far, far, and away.

Instead of driving to Ohio, Kyle and I are staying in Maryland for the holidays. This means we’re already brainstorming our “card pose” so the Ohioans don't forget us. One year we dressed Oscar up as Santa Claus but after several takes and fake beards we ended up not using the picture. (insert regret face here)

There are several designs of photo cards offered at Shutterfly that float my boat but I especially like this one seen below:

I like it because the simple and clean design does not take away from the photo. Are you getting excited? I am because aside from loving holiday stationary, I really enjoy STAMPS. The little swirly lines that are stamped on our stamps are just the coolest. You can't do that on emails.

Have fun browsing the options over at Shutterfly and good luck with the card making!


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