Friday, January 11, 2013

Somewhere in Thailand

My best friend Lauren lived in Singapore for three months last year and Kyle and I were fortunate enough to visit her.  We explored Singapore for a few days and then the three of us country hopped to Vietnam and Thailand.

When in Thailand, we spent the day at an elephant sanctuary near the city of Chiang Mai and helped bathe and feed elephants.  It was an amazing experience and I think the three of us will never, ever, forget it.

Because it was so memorable, I painted Lauren a picture that captures a piece of the day.  You see, while bathing elephants, Lauren lost her favorite pair of sunglasses.  Specifically, the sunglasses she bought in Bali.  How many of us can say that?  So while we were supposed to harmoniously bathe the elephants, poor Lauren stressed herself out searching for the darn shades.

I hope this illustration captures the memory..



  1. What an amazing experience you shared! How cool to have this wonderful painting to remember your adventure. I would be smiling every time I looked at it!

  2. I will never forget it! haha I will go back and buy more glasses :)

    1. hehe!! Let's go back. I want to go to Bali with you!!