Monday, November 29, 2010

Goals, how'd I do?

goodbye November, hello December

Beginning this month I posted a list of goals that I wanted to accomplish. Here they are:

1. create one painting per week
2. clean my art room at school
3. organize art projects to be completed in said room
4. buy 2 bridesmaid dresses
5. learn a sentence in Chinese
6. plan Thanksgiving meals and day trips for the in-laws
7. do 10 push-ups a night

So how'd I do?

1. I did not create one painting per week BUT I have been painting consistently throughout the month on a couple different pieces. I will be sharing those in the near future :)

2. I cleaned my art room like a mad woman the day before Thanksgiving break! I can actually open the door to my paper closet, and get this.....I can see the floor again!!

3. Art projects organized? check

4. Two bridesmaids dresses? check (so excited)

5. "Ni hao" is all I have memorized in my attempt to learn Chinese. help!

6. We had a great, relaxing Thanksgiving with the in-laws.

7. I can proudly say I AVERAGED 5 push-ups a day. I'm weak, I know this.

December is next! I have a lot of exciting things coming up in December which I can't wait to share. Stay tuned and take care,


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