Monday, November 8, 2010

blog design help

Even though I've been posting here for almost a year I still go back and forth with how I want the design to look. I can never get the header to look right and never fall in love with the fonts of my template. Do you know of a great blog design? How do you like the new look here so far? Any suggestions friends:)?

There's still time to vote in the Mobbies! You can vote for Sheena Colleen or the blog of your choice until Friday.


  1. I know a great graphic designer. ;) I love your background and your header. Where did you get the background? I'm contemplating paying someone to pull the whole look together for me but I haven't found anyone yet. I'll keep you posted and you do the same.

  2. thanks emily! yea i just mentioned to lauren that i needed her skillz. i got the background from one of the templates on blogspot. they have a bunch to choose from, just play around with it.