Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cars with bows

There will be times when I go off on a blogging tangent - and today is one of those times. I will call these posts "sidenotes." Sidenotes are when I just HAVE to get something off of my chest and I will provide you with fair warning. Here it is..


Does anyone else get annoyed with Christmas commercials for Lexus, Hybrid, Mercedes, etc. (insert any car brand)? Let me explain.

The commercial begins with a wife/husband, daughter/son -type person with their eyes covered on an early Christmas morning. Everyone is dressed up at what seems to be 6am. Yea, no bed-head, no Christmas pee-jays or slippers.....everyone looks ready for a Tommy Hilfiger Sunday brunch. Their eyes are then uncovered to reveal a 2011 model car - worth at least 30 grand - with a HUGE red bow strategically attached to the top. SURPRISE! Shock! Razzle Dazzle! Here you go honey, I just bought this extremely expensive car without consulting you.


has this happened to you?

do you super-secretly wish it had?



  1. These cars were actually the topic of some Thanksgiving conversation with my family. I have even seen two DIFFERENT commercials where the cars with the bows are literally inside the in the living room! Can you believe it?

  2. I agree, these commercials are so stupid, only the extremely rich can possibly do this!