Monday, December 27, 2010

Jean-Pierre Jeunet

While reflecting on old blog entries, I noticed my very small habit of posting movie recommendations (here and here). I don't do it much, but when I see a movie that is pretty original I hope you don't mind that I like to share it with you.

Since the year is coming to a close I thought it would be nice to talk about a director that I'm quite fond of - Jean-Pierre Jeunet. He's a self-taught french director/writer (I loooove the francais) with a TON of movies under his belt. I happen to adore every french movie he's ever created. However, in what I find an interesting choice he also directed Alien: Resurrection - it seems really out of place compared to his other stuff. -but that's what makes him pretty awesome.

Anywho.... he wrote and directed my all time favorite move Amélie and ever since I watched it, I have been somewhat of a stalker of Jean-Pierre.

My top three movies he's had a hand in are:

His newest film, Micmacs, is out on netflix and I cannot wait to get it.

My hope with this post is that you watch at least one of his movies- I'd really like to hear your opinion. And please feel free to suggest a movie to me. I LOVE getting a good idea for movie night!



  1. I recommend The Fantastic Mr. Fox. I love it and think about it ALL the time. Such a great movie.

  2. great movie Katy! Kyle and I were just talking about that