Wednesday, April 6, 2011

and your little dog too

I just love this idea.  One of my favorite birthday cakes my mom made me when I was a kid was a "Wizard of Oz" themed cake.  When my mom decorates a cake she goes alllllll out and I'm telling you that cake was the bomb.  It had 3 dimensional characters AND a yellow brick road.   I'll try to hunt down a picture and post at another's too good to not share.

Anyways, this is an easier way to do an Oz cake for us novice cake decorators.  It made me giddy.



  1. Oh Sheena....I remember The Wizard of OZ cake. It took me 2 days to decorate and I cried when we had to cut it. But, the fact you still remember that awesome cake - makes it all worth it:)