Wednesday, October 3, 2012

over the river, and through the woods

Chester, WV on the left, East Liverpool, OH on the right

We traveled to my hometown of Chester, WV over the weekend for much needed family time.  Although sad reasons brought us together, it was nice to see siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends.

While in town, Kyle and I stopped at our favorite antique store in East Liverpool, Ohio called "Pottery City Antique Mall."  The place is huuuuge.  Incredibly filled to the max on each of its 3 floors (plus a basement we didn't even see) with trinkets, art, furniture, and you name it.  The best part about this antique store are the prices.   Everything is reasonably priced - or borderline cheap.  Here are a few of our finds:

Metal horses, set of 3 for $5.00

old school desk, $15.00, !!! 

Viewmaster with slides, $15....the same amount as the desk...but worth every penny

vintage flash cards, $2, memories of third grade anyone?

set of fisher price wooden blocks, $8

Didn't we find amazing things?  The sad part is that we didn't get to see the whole store - our eyes were buggin out after two hours of browsing.  Maybe next time.

Anyone out there been to Pottery City Antiques?



  1. I LOVE the old school desk set! I hope you've given it a good home!!!

    1. We have it in the spare bedroom for now, but I think we're going to refinish it a bit. I just love it:)