Sunday, September 30, 2012

Oscar pillows!

     I wanted to make a doggy pillow ever since I saw this pin on pinterest.  When my fall allergies kicked in I took advantage of my resting time on the couch, stayed inside, drank tea, and tackled this project head-on.  I have so many pictures of Oscar, selecting two was quite difficult.  I knew I wanted a simple square pillow, and a small round pillow - so I tried choosing pictures that would fit those dimensions.  

     After I selected the pics, I printed them on HP fabric transfer paper.  I ironed the designs onto creme colored linen, making sure the entire image transfered using a normal, hot iron.  Once transferred, you trim to your liking and sew the edges.  

I used a sewing machine for the square pillow, and hand stitched the round pillow.  You can't tell from the pictures, but I chose a beige, polka-dot fabric for the pillow backs.  It's a subtle pattern and matches Oscar's brown color scheme.   I stuffed the pillow with poly-fill, but another option would be to turn these into pillow cases.  You'd just have to plan the size accordingly.

Keep in mind: The HP fabric transfer paper was 8.5x11.  I enlarged both pictures, but you can see that the pillows- especially the sleeping Oscar one- are fairly small.  Since I'm using them more for decoration, the size doesn't bother me.   

Overall, it was a super easy, and inexpensive project.  All I needed to buy was color printer ink and poly-fill- I had everything else around the house.  I'm happy with the results and I think they add an element of fun to the room.  

Oscar pillows make me happy,