Sunday, October 21, 2012

Weekend DIY

We went to our local ReStore this weekend.  Do you have one near you?  They're an awesome resource if you need scrap wood, tools, hardware, random pieces of furniture, etc.  Everything in the store is low cost and sometimes you'll find pieces that become a weekend project- which leads me to this post.  While walking around the store, I came across a junky white board with a $10 price tag.  Something in me said, "I need this."  So fifteen minutes later this huge white board was shoved into the backseat of my teeny car.  

We swung by Lowes and picked up Rustoleum's magnetic paint and Valspar's chalkboard paint.  Have you guessed the project yet?  Chalkboard!  Believe it or not, I wanted a school-like chalkboard in our kitchen for sometime.  I'd use it for lists, messages, recipes, whatevs.  Plus, who doesn't like writing on a chalkboard?  Since I was going to all this trouble I figured I'd make it magnetic too.  Let the painting begin!

The magnetic paint was a MESS.  Holy moly.  What a pain to mix and clean.  The directions say your surface needs three coats.   I applied four and the board is magnetic - but not as strong as I'd like it to be.  It holds weak magnets and is strong enough for coupons and thin paper.  I'm happy with it but wish it was a bit stronger.  

The chalkboard paint is lovely.  It washes with soap and water and goes on smooth.  I applied two coats and sanded in between.  love, love, love chalkboard paint.  

Kyle found egg-shaped chalk at our local thrift store the next day.  I think this project was meant to be.  Here's how much it cost:

Whiteboard: $10
Magnetic paint: $21....kind of steep for all the work
Chalkboard paint: I had some already, but it runs around $12
Egg chalk: $1.00
=$44.  I'd say that's a pretty good price for awesomeness.

hope you had a great weekend,

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