Monday, October 29, 2012

Pine cone mobile

Yesterday, while bracing for Hurricane Sandy, I decided to make a quick centerpiece for our Thanksgiving table.  We're hosting Thanksgiving this year and I thought we needed a little color to our decor.  I collected four pine cones from our backyard (actually - I collected the four pine cones like a month ago and they've just been sitting on our dining room table annoying Kyle -sap and all).

I chose three colors of acrylic craft paint: Coral, Turquoise, and Cream (I didn't want the stereotypical autumn palette).  I painted the pine cones halfway - leaving a bit of their natural color on the top.  I wanted that effect but you could easily paint the whole cone.  Then I shellac'd the cones to seal and cover up a bit of the sap.  

Next, I hung the cones from our chandelier.  Super simple, quick, and fun.  

 Have a great day, and stay safe if you're in the path of the storm!


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