Sunday, December 19, 2010

Watch this movie: Son of Rambow

We watched this movie a while back and I have been meaning to blog about it. Have you seen it? If not, you NEED to watch this movie over the holidays. It's not the typical holiday movie, in fact it's set in the summer, BUT I guarantee you will come away from it feeling fortunate for family and friends. The review below sums the movie up best.

"Written and Directed by Garth Jenning’s, the same dude who did Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, this is one of those films that stands out as an original, a crowd pleaser and a celebration of visual style. This story of two young kids in England in the 80’s that want to make a movie like Rambo, its much more then the sum of its parts and was an excellent watch. Both young actors in the film are rookies, this is the first film for the both of them. Will Proudfoot comes from a very strict religious house hold, he isn’t allowed to listen to music or radio, and Lee Carter is the school bully, and doesn’t really have parents, they left him with his teenage brother. They form a friendship on unreasonable ground since Will Proudfoot is a free spirit and gullible as hell.

I forgot to mention there is a whole scene about pop rocks and coke."

Oh, and Gossip Girl fans will love that whose-his-face is in the movie with his authentic British accent.

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