Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Such a beautiful book

Sometimes the best books are on the "free to a good home" teacher's lounge table.  I scored this gem yesterday while microwaving my pasta.  It made my day.  It's called "The Animal Fair" by Alice and Marten Provensen and a new copy on Amazon starts at $50.  Why would anyone give this away??!!  Well I'm glad they did because the illustrations are uhmazing.  The book is a collection of stories, poems, and pictures all focused on animal characters.  Perfect to read to my younger students and a great resource for my older students. 

I also snatched this book at the same time (UFO Encounters).  Now this one retails for .01 on Amazon.  Not as valuable as The Animal Fair, but still equally cool in how vintage it looks.  It's filled with 'true' experiences of...ufo's.  Did I need this book?  no.  Did I want it? yes.


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