Thursday, October 28, 2010

silly Grapple....

pretty grapple

Ever hear of a grapple? Last week, Kyle and I went to our local Amish Market to buy a bunch of fresh produce. We grabbed lettuce, pears, peppers, and then came across....grapples. Hmmmm.... a grapple? The sign said "crunches like an apple, tastes like a grape." We were skeptical but having recently found a love for pluots (a blend of plums and apricots) we thought we'd give the grapple a chance.

Once we got home we bit right into the grapple. Let's just say the bite didn't go well. It tasted like grape soda. Maybe you like that sort of thing. Fanta flavored fruit. I guess I was picturing a true marriage of the grape and apple, but it's more like an apple injected with grape perfume. To sum up, I was disappointed.

It turns out that the grapple has a website. You can read about it here.


  1. I've also had a grapple. They hit the Fort Wayne seen a couple years ago. Similar experience, but I said it tasted like Dimetapp.