Sunday, January 17, 2010

Arts & Crafts Forever

Apologies for my absence from the blogging world but with our wedding on the way, my time is spent creating DIY crafty projects (almost too many if there is such thing) for our special day. Since I have a strong love for art, crafts, hot glue, crayons, paper, and sharing all of the above with friends and students, I thought it would be appropriate to warm into the new blogging year with a few of my favs.


If you enjoy folding paper the origami club takes you through awesome projects and neat ways to add spice to an ordinary square.


by the way...I stumbled upon the origami club through design sponge which is another amazing blog for the crafty artist.


Boutonnieres people? Yes, buttons are amazing.

Love to Friends

A shout out to friends near and far and especially to my besty Maid of Honor Lauren who is in CHINA right now. Everyone should save the crazy pictures (and I mean print the digital ones and put them into albums) because they seriously make you smile.


  1. i have to say. we do now how to have fun!!!!! Love the silly old photos.
    I wish I could travel back in time sometimes.

  2. oh by the way...
    buttons are amazing.