Monday, January 9, 2012

Fireplace drawings, part 1

We make a lot of fires in our fireplace.  I cleaned out the ashes a few days after one of our fires and noticed thick charcoal pieces leftover in the rubble.  Being the weirdo artist that I am, I grabbed paper and a handful of homemade charcoal, and played with the materials.  It kept me busy for a few hours.  I forgot how fun it was to experiment with art mediums.  I used water, a hammer, tissues for blending, plastic bags.....anything to create an interesting mark on the paper.  After I was "finished," I cut my designs into paper strips.  Why?  Because I felt like weaving!  Also, I felt the designs needed a certain 'distortion/destruction' (much like the fire the charcoal came from) and my plain flat paper was not doing the job. 

I have two more series of Fireplace drawings, so stay tuned.  Have a great Monday,


Charcoal weaving, 18x12"

Charcoal weaving two, 9x12"