Saturday, January 22, 2011

Interesting Saturday

Have you ever had a day when you do something you've always wanted to do...or learn about something you've been curious about? Like....going to the library to find books on crochet? (I've done that). Or drag your brother and his fiance to Georgetown in order to ride a boat that's pulled by a mule? (guilty).

Today is one of those days. We're meeting up with friends to learn about the Washington DC Mormon Temple. Let me say this, I am not Mormon. But have you seen this temple?? If you live in the DC area you can't miss it. So instead of continuing to drive by it without a lick of knowledge...we're going to tour its visitors center (We're not allowed to enter the actual temple because my friends and I are not Mormon). This should mean for an interesting Saturday.

I challenge you to do something new today too :). Have a good one.


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