Sunday, October 2, 2011

iPhone photo books!

When was the last time you took a picture?  OK, Was it with your phone?  I take a decent amount of pictures with my iPhone and am always a little sad when I realize they're not in photo albums.  Sure you can upload them to facebook or your flickr accounts, but it's not the same as a hardcopy.  I'm a huge fan of having albums in my home (how very 90s of me).

Finally, a company has made the process of uploading our phone images easy.  Blurb and Instagram partnered together to make our album dreams come true!  You first need an Instagram account.  Then, Blurb will "Bookify" your Instagram pictures and voila....instant phone albums at a very affordable cost.  I can't wait to do it.

The bad news is, you have to have an iPhone for this to work.  Maybe there is a similar program for non-iPhone users?  Sorry about that.  Anyone out there want to share what they do instead?


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